The Villain Nobody Knows

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    Well, not NOBODY - a fair share of very corrupt, very wealthy, very duplicitous dudes know him very well...

    but probably not even 10% of voters. That's intentional, but it's also dangerous. He's on the very short list of people most responsible for the impending death of our democracy.

    We Don’t Talk About Leonard: The Man Behind the Right’s Supreme Court Supermajority — ProPublica

    Thats a very deep dive, long read. Here's a Twitter thread with highlights, but even that is fairly long

    Thread by @AndyKroll on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

    And also, even more brief but easier to access, a three part podcast

    We Don't Talk About Leonard: Episode 3 | On the Media | WNYC Studios

    If Leo’s name rings a bell, it’s probably for his work advising Donald Trump.
    Remember Trump's list of SCOTUS picks from 2016? Leo crafted it.
    But what Leo built is SO MUCH bigger than just — just! — the Supreme Court.

    Here’s what we learned…

    We talked to more than 100 people who know Leo, worked with him, got his funding or studied his rise. We drew on thousands of pages of court documents, tax filings, emails, and other records. We unearthed tons of new material. There’s scoopy material throughout our story.

    We reveal, for instance, that Leo arranged for a group of conservative mega-donors to meet with Clarence Thomas in private . . . AT the Supreme Court. The leader of this donor group? Paul Singer.


    Long ago, Leo realized it wasn’t enough to have the Supreme Court. To undo rulings like Roe, he’d need to ensure SCOTUS heard the right cases brought by the right lawyers & heard by the right lower ct judges.

    He built a machine to shape state courts, AGs & judge races.


    There a lot more than I can quote here.

    But there's this:

    One of the biggest questions we tried to answer was:

    What does Leo do next? What are his plans for the future? His next targets?
    We delve into all of that in our investigation. Top of his list: He wants to expand the strategy he used at the Federalist Society to shape…

    …all of *American* society.

    He sees a nation plagued with ills: “wokism” in education, “one-sided” journalism, misguided ideas like environmental, social and governance policies.


    And now he has $1.6 billion to work with.
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    We can expect the usual cricket chirps from our alleged liberty junkies.
    Authoritarianism is awesome if it goes after wokies.
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    Can't tell you, 'cause I'm undercover!
    Eh, I'm sure some of them will defend him.
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