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    ...you didn't think you were done did you?
    Mormon church sex abuse: AP investigation | AP News

    MJ was a tiny, black-haired girl, just 5 years old, when her father admitted to his bishop that he was sexually abusing her.

    The father, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an admitted pornography addict, was in counseling with his bishop when he revealed the abuse. The bishop, who was also a family physician, followed church policy and called what church officials have dubbed the “help line” for guidance.

    But the call offered little help for MJ. Lawyers for the church, widely known as the Mormon church, who staff the help line around the clock told Bishop John Herrod not to call police or child welfare officials. Instead he kept the abuse secret.

    “They said, ‘You absolutely can do nothing,’” Herrod said in a recorded interview with law enforcement.

    Herrod continued to counsel MJ’s father, Paul Douglas Adams, for another year, and brought in Adams’ wife, Leizza Adams, in hopes she would do something to protect the children. She didn’t. Herrod later told a second bishop, who also kept the matter secret after consulting with church officials who maintain that the bishops were excused from reporting the abuse to police under the state’s so-called clergy-penitent privilege.

    Adams continued raping MJ for as many as seven more years, into her adolescence, and also abused her infant sister, who was born during that time. He frequently recorded the abuse on video and posted the video on the internet.

    Adams was finally arrested by Homeland Security agents in 2017 with no help from the church, after law enforcement officials in New Zealand discovered one of the videos. He died by suicide in custody before he could stand trial.

    much more at the link
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    Thought there was a thread specific to Mormons.

    Completely disgusting.
    And it took Kiwis finding it and tipping off Homeland Security before anything meaningful happened? :jayzus:
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    I really, really hate KiwiFarms because as I type this, they're recently doxxed a transan activist off Twitter and have gotten another to die by suicide, but I guess a bloken clock really can be right twice a day :sigh: