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:$: :$: :$:
:( :( :(
:?: :?: :?:
:actormike: :actormike: :actormike:
:alpha: :alpha: :alpha:
:anc: :anc: :anc:
:angel: :angel: :angel:
:anna: :anna: :anna:
:astaroth: :astaroth: :astaroth:
:async: :async: :async:
:aurora: :aurora: :aurora:
:aw: :aw: :aw:
:aww: :aww: :aww:
:axetogrind: :axetogrind: :axetogrind:
:baba2: :baba2: :baba2:
:baba: :baba: :baba:
:backaway: :backaway: :backaway:
:backhug: :backhug: :backhug:
:backpedal: :backpedal: :backpedal:
:bag: :bag: :bag:
:bailey: :bailey: :bailey:
:balloons: :balloons: :balloons:
:ban: :ban: :ban:
:banana: :banana: :banana:
:bananana: :bananana: :bananana:
:bandance: :bandance: :bandance:
:bandwagon: :bandwagon: :bandwagon:
:bang: :bang: :bang:
:bash: :bash: :bash:
:beamcannon: :beamcannon: :beamcannon:
:beartm: :beartm: :beartm:
:beck: :beck: :beck:
:bed: :bed: :bed:
:belly: :belly: :belly:
:bergman: :bergman: :bergman:
:bigass: :bigass: :bigass:
:bigyawn: :bigyawn: :bigyawn:
:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
:birthdayparty: :birthdayparty: :birthdayparty:
:bitchtroll: :bitchtroll: :bitchtroll:
:blackdove: :blackdove: :blackdove:
:blackmail: :blackmail: :blackmail:
:blink: :blink: :blink: :flashlight:
:blow: :blow: :blow:
:blush: :blush: :blush:
:bong: :bong: :bong:
:boobootard: :boobootard: :boobootard:
:book: :book: :book:
:boom: :boom: :boom:
:bored: :bored: :bored:
:borg: :borg: :borg:
:brainbleach: :brainbleach: :brainbleach:
:brit: :brit: :brit:
:brokeback: :brokeback: :brokeback:
:brood: :brood: :brood:
:bs: :bs: :bs:
:bugs: :bugs: :bugs:
:bullshit: :bullshit: :bullshit:
:bump: :bump: :bump:
:burka: :burka: :burka:
:bushdance: :bushdance: :bushdance:
:busheep: :busheep: :busheep:
:busheepballoons: :busheepballoons: :busheepballoons:
:busheepcorn: :busheepcorn: :busheepcorn:
:butthurt: :butthurt: :butthurt:
:bye: :bye: :bye:
:cadre: :cadre: :cadre:
:calli: :calli: :calli:
:carryon: :carryon: :carryon:
:cartman: :cartman: :cartman:
:cass: :cass: :cass:
:chain: :chain: :chain:
:charge: :charge: :charge:
:chav: :chav: :chav:
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
:chickendance: :chickendance: :chickendance:
:chili: :chili: :chili:
:chris2: :chris2: :chris2:
:chris: :chris: :chris:
:chuck: :chuck: :chuck:
:circle: :circle: :circle:
:civilwar: :civilwar: :civilwar:
:clang: :clang: :clang:
:clap: :clap: :clap:
:clyde: :clyde: :clyde:
:commie: :commie: :commie:
:confed: :confed: :confed:
:confuzzle: :confuzzle: :confuzzle:
:congress: :congress: :congress:
:conspiracy: :conspiracy: :conspiracy:
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
:coolstorybro: :coolstorybro: :coolstorybro:
:corn: :corn: :corn:
:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
:crickets: :crickets: :crickets:
:cripplefight: :cripplefight: :cripplefight:
:crosis: :crosis: :crosis:
:cry: :cry: :cry:
:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
:cylon: :cylon: :cylon:
:dalek: :dalek: :dalek:
:damnkids: :damnkids: :damnkids:
:dance: :dance: :dance:
:danceforme: :danceforme: :danceforme:
:danceline: :danceline: :danceline:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:danleach: :danleach: :danleach:
:darwinaward: :darwinaward: :darwinaward:
:dayton: :dayton: :dayton:
:dendroica: :dendroica: :dendroica:
:derailed: :derailed: :derailed:
:devil: :devil: :devil:
:diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
:diacanu: :diacanu: :diacanu:
:diaf: :diaf: :diaf:
:dickynoo: :dickynoo: :dickynoo:
:discuss: :discuss: :discuss:
:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
:doh2: :doh2: :doh2:
:doh: :doh: :doh:
:domina: :domina: :domina:
:drama: :drama: :drama:
:drool: :drool: :drool:
:droolingidiot: :droolingidiot: :droolingidiot:
:drumstick: :drumstick: :drumstick:
:drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
:drunkfriends: :drunkfriends: :drunkfriends:
:dsp: :dsp: :dsp:
:dst: :dst: :dst:
:dual: :dual: :dual:
:eaglegloveandanchor :eaglegloveandanchor :eagleglobeandanchor
:ecc: :ecc: :ecc:
:eek2: :eek2: :eek2:
:eek: :eek: :eek:
:effort: :effort: :effort:
:eh: :eh: :eh:
:ehrie: :ehrie: :ehrie:
:elchu: :elchu: :elchu:
:elflat: :elflat: :elflat:
:elfsnowball: :elfsnowball: :elfsnowball:
:eliteforge: :eliteforge: :eliteforge:
:elwood: :elwood: :elwood:
:emo: :emo: :emo:
:enlistedperson: :enlistedperson: :enlistedperson:
:enty: :enty: :enty:
:ep2: :ep2: :ep2: :gliar:
:evidence: :evidence: :evidence:
:evilpop: :evilpop: :evilpop:
:eyebrow: :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
:facts: :facts: :facts:
:fail: :fail: :fail:
:faisent: :faisent: :faisent:
:fan: :fan: :fan:
:fantasyworld: :fantasyworld: :fantasyworld:
:fap: :fap: :fap:
:female: :female: :female:
:finger: :finger: :finger:
:fireworks :fireworks :fireworks
:flashy: :flashy: :flashy:
:flow: :flow: :flow:
:flyingmonkey: :flyingmonkey: :flyingmonkey:
:foil: :foil: :foil:
:forbin: :forbin: :forbin:
:fps: :fps: :fps:
:freddy: :freddy: :freddy:
:freshprez: :freshprez: :freshprez:
:frog: :frog: :frog:
:fruit: :fruit: :fruit:
:fsm: :fsm: :fsm:
:fun: :fun: :fun:
:gafom: :gafom: :gafom:
:garamet: :garamet: :garamet:
:gay: :gay: :gay:
:gaygiggle: :gaygiggle: :gaygiggle:
:gaymarriage: :gaymarriage: :gaymarriage:
:geezer: :geezer: :geezer:
:getwell: :getwell: :getwell:
:ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
:gimme: :gimme: :gimme:
:goalposts: :goalposts: :goalposts:
:godwin: :godwin: :godwin:
:goldeneye: :goldeneye: :goldeneye:
:grammarnazi: :grammarnazi: :grammarnazi:
:grammartime: :grammartime: :grammartime:
:grin: :grin: :D :grin:
:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
:gul: :gul: :gul:
:hail: :hail: :hail:
:halfmast: :halfmast: :halfmast:
:hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
:handout: :handout: :handout:
:happybirthday: :happybirthday: :happybirthday:
:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
:happyhalloween: :happyhalloween: :happyhalloween:
:happytears: :happytears: :happytears:
:harass: :harass: :harass:
:heart: :heart: :heart:
:hide: :hide: :hide:
:hippietard: :hippietard: :hippietard:
:hitit: :hitit: :hitit:
:hood: :hood: :hood:
:hopeandchange: :hopeandchange: :hopeandchange:
:horse: :horse: :horse:
:huh: :huh: :huh:
:hurr: :hurr: :hurr:
:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
:idea: :idea: :idea:
:igotnothing: :igotnothing: :igotnothing:
:ilold: :ilold: :ilold:
:indifferent: :indifferent: :indifferent:
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:
:irony: :irony: :irony:
:irregardless: :irregardless: :irregardless:
:itsokay: :itsokay: :itsokay:
:j: :j: :j:
:jayzus: :jayzus: :jayzus:
:jdance: :jdance: :jdance:
:jeriko: :jeriko: :jeriko:
:jester: :jester: :jester:
:jesus: :jesus: :jesus:
:jhitit: :jhitit: :jhitit:
:john: :john: :john:
:johnm2: :johnm2: :johnm2:
:johnm: :johnm: :johnm:
:jtdc: :jtdc: :jtdc:
:july4: :july4: :july4:
:king: :king: :king:
:kirkpalm: :kirkpalm: :kirkpalm:
:kitty: :kitty: :kitty:
:krieg: :krieg: :krieg:
:kyle: :kyle: :kyle:
:lalala: :lalala: :lalala:
:lanz: :lanz: :lanz:
:lesbianmarriage: :lesbianmarriage: :lesbianmarriage:
:lethesoda: :lethesoda: :lethesoda:
:lick: :lick: :lick:
:links: :links: :links:
:lizk: :lizk: :lizk:
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
:lolol: :lolol: :lolol:
:loltears: :loltears: :loltears:
:lookitme: :lookitme: :lookitme:
:madcookie: :madcookie: :madcookie:
:male: :male: :male:
:marathon: :marathon: :marathon:
:marso: :marso: :marso:
:math: :math: :math:
:matt: :matt: :matt:
:mburtonk: :mburtonk: :mburtonk:
:meh: :meh: :meh:
:meka: :meka: :meka:
:meme: :meme: :meme:
:mewa2: :mewa2: :mewa2:
:mewa: :mewa: :mewa:
:mewasignal2: :mewasignal2: :mewasignal2:
:mewasignal: :mewasignal: :mewasignal:
:mfpost: :mfpost: :mfpost:
:midnightsuicide: :midnightsuicide: :midnightsuicide:
:mm: :mm: :mm:
:mmmpi: :mmmpi: :mmmpi:
:mob: :mob: :mob:
:moo: :moo: :moo:
:moon2: :moon2: :moon2:
:moon: :moon: :moon:
:moreyouknow: :moreyouknow: :moreyouknow:
:morons: :morons: :morons:
:mrsa: :mrsa: :mrsa:
:muad2: :muad2: :muad2:
:muad: :muad: :muad:
:munch: :munch: :munch:
:music: :music: :music:
:mystery: :mystery: :mystery:
:mysterysolved: :mysterysolved: :mysterysolved:
:naht2: :naht2: :naht2:
:naht: :naht: :naht:
:nana: :nana: :nana:
:nautica: :nautica: :nautica:
:necro: :necro: :necro:
:needpics: :needpics: :needpics:
:nelsonhaha: :nelsonhaha: :nelsonhaha:
:neonmosfet: :neonmosfet: :neonmosfet:
:neroon: :neroon: :neroon:
:news: :news: :news:
:newyear2: :newyear2: :newyear2:
:ni: :ni: :ni:
:no: :no: :no:
:nochange: :nochange: :nochange:
:nocomment: :nocomment: :nocomment:
:noel: :noel: :noel:
:nono: :nono: :nono:
:noob: :noob: :noob:
:nopics: :nopics: :nopics:
:nottex: :nottex: :nottex:
:notthisshit: :notthisshit: :notthisshit:
:nova: :nova: :nova:
:nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw:
:nuke: :nuke: :nuke:
:nyer: :nyer: :nyer:
:o: :o: :o:
:oath: :oath: :oath:
:obama: :obama: :obama:
:Obamadance: :Obamadance: :Obamadance:
:obamadre: :obamadre: :obamadre:
:obamanotamused: :obamanotamused: :obamanotamused:
:obamasheep: :obamasheep: :obamasheep:
:obamaton: :obamaton: :obamaton:
:obamayeah: :obamayeah: :obamayeah:
:objection: :objection: :objection:
:ohboy: :ohboy: :ohboy:
:ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes:
:ohsnap: :ohsnap: :ohsnap:
:onalimb: :onalimb: :onalimb:
:Oooo: :Oooo: :Oooo:
:oreo: :oreo: :oreo:
:otter: :otter: :otter:
:overreaction: :overreaction: :overreaction:
:overthehill: :overthehill: :overthehill:
:paladin: :paladin: :paladin:
:palpatine: :palpatine: :palpatine:
:pathead: :pathead: :pathead:
:pedo: :pedo: :pedo:
:pedobear: :pedobear: :pedobear
:pedobearpriest: :pedobearpriest: :pedobearpriest:
:pirate: :pirate: :pirate:
:pirateship: :pirateship: :pirateship:
:pissed: :pissed: :pissed:
:poke: :poke: :poke:
:polarslam2: :polarslam2: :polarslam2:
:polarslam: :polarslam: :polarslam:
:politics: :politics: :politics:
:poodle: :poodle: :poodle:
:Pope: :Pope: :Pope:
:posttits: :posttits: :posttits:
:potkettle: :potkettle: :potkettle:
:potn: :potn: :potn:
:protestfail: :protestfail: :protestfail:
:proveit: :proveit: :proveit:
:prufrock: :prufrock: :prufrock:
:punchhard: :punchhard: :punchhard:
:punchin: :punchin: :punchin:
:pwease: :pwease: :pwease:
:racist: :racist: :racist:
:racistcross: :racistcross: :racistcross:
:ramen: :ramen: :ramen:
:rant: :rant: :rant:
:rantmode: :rantmode: :rantmode:
:reaganhithead: :reaganhithead: :reaganhithead:
:realitycheck: :realitycheck: :realitycheck:
:redroom: :redroom: :redroom:
:redx: :redx: :redx:
:repost: :repost: :repost:
:rimshot: :rimshot: :rimshot:
:riskydance: :riskydance: :riskydance:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
:roundabout: :roundabout: :roundabout:
:salute: :salute: :salute:
:sarek: :sarek: :sarek:
:saw: :saw: :saw:
:scared: :scared: :scared:
:scary: :scary: :scary:
:science: :science: :science:
:scorp: :scorp: :scorp:
:scruff: :scruff: :scruff:
:secret: :secret: :secret:
:seriousbusiness: :seriousbusiness: :seriousbusiness:
:shades: :shades: :shades:
:shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist:
:shakepie: :shakepie: :shakepie:
:shakes: :shakes: :shakes:
:shame: :shame: :shame:
:sheldon: :sheldon: :sheldon:
:shep:    :ed: :shep: :ed: :shep: :ed:
:shitbricks: :shitbricks: :shitbricks:
:shitstorm: :shitstorm: :shitstorm:
:shock: :shock: :shock:
:shoes: :shoes: :shoes:
:shooter: :shooter: :shooter:
:shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
:sick: :sick: :sick:
:sigh: :sigh: :sigh:
:sixpack: :sixpack: :sixpack:
:smitten: :smitten: :smitten:
:smooch: :smooch: :smooch:
:sniper: :sniper: :sniper:
:sns: :sns: :sns:
:sob: :sob: :sob:
:soholy: :soholy: :soholy:
:sokar: :sokar: :sokar:
:soma: :soma: :soma:
:sorrow: :sorrow: :sorrow:
:sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
:source: :source: :source:
:spaceturk: :spaceturk: :spaceturk:
:spaceturkey: :spaceturkey: :spaceturkey:
:spam: :spam: :spam:
:spanishinquisition: :spanishinquisition: :spanishinquisition:
:spank: :spank: :spank:
:spellingnazi: :spellingnazi: :spellingnazi:
:spider: :spider: :spider:
:spit: :spit: :spit:
:spock: :spock: :spock:
:sroll: :sroll: :sroll:
:starchaser: :starchaser: :starchaser:
:starguard: :starguard: :starguard:
:stars: :stars: :stars:
:stfu: :stfu: :stfu:
:stooges: :stooges: :stooges:
:storm: :storm: :storm:
:strawman: :strawman: :strawman:
:summer: :summer: :summer:
:sun: :sun: :sun:
:swoon: :swoon: :swoon:
:tactfulsilence: :tactfulsilence: :tactfulsilence:
:tamar2: :tamar2: :tamar2:
:tamar: :tamar: :tamar:
:tamarchives: :tamarchives: :tamarchives:
:tamarwhuggles: :tamarwhuggles: :tamarwhuggles:
:tardback: :tardback: :tardback:
:tardis: :tardis: :tardis:
:tardtp: :tardtp: :tardtp:
:tardwords: :tardwords: :tardwords:
:taser: :taser: :taser:
:tasvir: :tasvir: :tasvir:
:tbbs: :tbbs: :tbbs:
:tbk: :tbk: :tbk:
:teacher: :teacher: :teacher:
:techman: :techman: :techman:
:tecnhobabble: :tecnhobabble: :technobabble:
:ted: :ted: :ted:
:thatsracist: :thatsracist: :thatsracist: :dinner:
:thbbt: :thbbt: :thbbt:
:thecadre: :thecadre: :thecadre:
:thelurker: :thelurker: :thelurker:
:think: :think: :think:
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
:threadclosed: :threadclosed: :threadclosed:
:thundercunt: :thundercunt: :thundercunt:
:tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat:
:tits: :tits: :tits:
:tk: :tk: :tk:
:toast: :toast: :toast:
:tos: :tos: :tos:
:tp: :tp: :tp:
:troll: :troll: :troll:
:trollface: :trollface: :trollface:
:truestorybro: :truestorybro: :truestorybro:
:turd: :turd: :turd:
:turk: :turk: :turk:
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
:twocents: :twocents: :twocents:
:ua: :ua: :ua:
:ualbert: :ualbert: :ualbert:
:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
:unuts: :unuts: :unuts:
:up: :up: :up:
:uphere: :uphere: :uphere:
:urgh: :urgh: :urgh:
:vaderbattle: :vaderbattle: :vaderbattle:
:veteransday: :veteransday: :veteransday:
:vlad: :vlad: :vlad:
:volpone: :volpone: :volpone:
:volponeattacks: :volponeattacks: :volponeattacks:
:vomit: :vomit: :vomit:
:voodoo: :voodoo: :voodoo:
:vulcan: :vulcan: :vulcan:
:wahine: :wahine: :wahine:
:waiting: :waiting: :waiting:
:walz: :walz: :walz:
:washyourass: :washyourass: :washyourass:
:waving: :waving: :waving:
:weep: :weep: :weep:
:wha: :wha: :wha:
:whaa: :whaa: :whaa:
:whaambulance: :whaambulance: :whaambulance:
:whacko: :whacko: :whacko:
:what: :what: :what:
:whew: :whew: :whew:
:whoa: :whoa: :whoa:
:whoopdedoo: :whoopdedoo: :whoopdedoo:
:whore: :whore: :whore:
:worldpeas: :worldpeas: :worldpeas:
:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
:wub: :wub: :wub:
:X: :X: :X:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmasgrin: :xmasgrin: :xmasgrin:
:xmasgrumpy: :xmasgrumpy: :xmasgrumpy:
:yaoming: :yaoming: :yaoming:
:yarly: :yarly: :yarly:
:yays: :yays: :yays:
:yeehaw: :yeehaw: :yeehaw:
:yes2: :yes2: :yes2:
:yes: :yes: :yes:
:ymca: :ymca: :ymca:
:yoda: :yoda: :yoda:
:yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
:zel: :zel: :zel:
:zenow: :zenow: :zenow:
:zod: :zod: :zod:
:zodiac: :zodiac: :zodiac:
:zombie: :zombie: :zombie:
:zombieonfire: :zombieonfire: :zombieonfire:
:zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
;) ;) ;)
booty booty :booty:
cool cool :cool:
It's Mos It's Mos :mos:
Jan Jansen Jan Jansen :jan:
Jan Jansen 2 Jan Jansen 2 :jj:
Jollyroger Jollyroger :jollyroger:
Jumping the Shark Jumping the Shark :jumpingtheshark:
kiss kiss :jenee:
Larry Larry :larry:
mad mad :mad:
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter :madhatter: :john2:
Oh Wait LMLH Oh Wait LMLH :chardman:
rolleyes rolleyes :rolleyes:
smile smile :) :smile:
tongue tongue :P :p :tongue:
weebl weebl :weebl: