Does anyone here know where I can find this?

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    I am at the point where I want to do something. I have a desire to participate in the world, but I have a comfortable nest where I really do not have to at the moment. I know myself and when I get into something I will do everything I can to make things work including learning new things, menial tasks, and I have no problem with work ethic for something I want. But I do not want to do things alone, because i do not have to.

    So I have an idea for an interactive game that would work in a bunch of different ways including RPG, CCG, Apps, local events, and encompass a lot of stuff. I have a universe in my head with a reason and a history of why it works. I know gaming systems that can be adapted to give players an opportunity to participate in the way they desire to game. Right down to things like maybe you want to just be a video gamer, or perhaps you want to do more tabletop of traditional RPG. Maybe you just want a CCG, and I also have ideas for how to adapt extraneous content into the system on a multitude of levels.

    I want to lay it all down and make it all up, but it is not something for one person, and I would like to find people who could participate in this sort of thing. I do not want to go to a Blizzard or Sony to pitch this shit because I do not need to. I do not need that much drama, and I want that much control from the ground up. I want invested people who care about the products. I want to include people in building something for themselves. I do not want to be the superstar developer who does all the building because I know other people bring bigger ideas.

    I know where to market that will hit the right communities directly and then you can expand to the other people. This way you have a good core and if you m8ake the game right the more recreational players will just add to the enjoyment. But I do not know where to contact people who are looking to develop such an idea.

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    Once you find someone to work with, I would have a very specific, concrete plan to give them when you make your pitch. Make it clear you want to be practical and sensible, and you aren't just some wild-eyed dreamer who wants to throw everything at the wall all at once. Also make it clear you'll pay them ;). There are a lot of people with grandiose ideas out there who'll put out advertisements for other people to do all the work, with the promise of payment once the killer app makes it big.