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    General Rules

    Here at Wordforge, rather than having a long list of rules to go by, we rely on the members to show common sense. However, there are some things which we would still like to enumerate. That being said, make sure you read these, because ignorance is not a defense.

    1. No Flaming and/or Trolling Outside The Red Room.
    While the Red Room is lightly moderated and allows for flaming and trolling in most cases, the rest of the board is a flame free, troll free zone.

    Flaming: A hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity.
    Trolling: Making a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

    Warnings are not only issued based on the rules, but also with moderator's discretion, so keep that in mind before you decide to take a chance at breaking the rules.

    2. No Illegal Content is Allowed.
    Anything that could get the owner and administration of the board in legal trouble with any of the jurisdictions that we're subject to will be removed without warning and the offending user(s) will be warned or banned if necessary. Wordforge operates in the United States, and is subject to its jurisdictional authority.

    3. Don't Login to WordForge with the Intention of Flaming and Spamming Members.
    Coming in flaming and spamming without any prior contribution may result in an immediate ban. If you feel this has been in error you can contact an Admin for a review of your posting and account history.

    4. No Graphic or Explicit Content Without Advanced Notification and Spoilers.
    Posts with graphically violent pictures must be clearly marked as such in the thread title or through the use of the Spoiler tag. Also, photos with explicit nudity (genitals, women's breasts, etc.) are not allowed. Even with a spoiler tag, the image is still loaded into your browser cache. Members often come here from the workplace and this sort of thing could potentially get them fired. You may, however, link to such content so that folks can go and see for themselves. This restriction does not apply to pictures shown in newspapers or legitimate news agencies such as CNN or the BBC.

    5. Private Information is Just That: Private!
    Don't be loose with other people's personal information (emails, real names, physical locations, etc). If you use such info on Wordforge, it's entirely the board owners' discretion as to what, if anything, happens to you. Want to stay out of the gray area, don't make use of anyone else's personal info. If you can't resist, don't cry if something unpleasant happens to you.

    • Also, reposting of communication between two persons in what would have otherwise been a private medium (PMs, instant messages, etc.) falls under the rule mentioned above.
    • Poster's photographs may not be used as avatars or signatures without the poster's permission. If the pictures were posted in open forums, they may be used in forum posts within forum rules. If posted in Blue Room or Introduce yourself or found on another website they may only be used with the subject's permission.
    6. The Blue Room is a Personal Info Safe Zone.
    People share intensely personal details here and as such we have a zero-tolerance policy on sharing information from this area unless the poster has done so themselves or given permission to share. There is also no trolling or flaming here unless the diary is marked with a "Red Room Rules" Icon, then Red Room rules apply...except for the cross-posting rule...that will be enforced even on a Red Room Rules marked thread. Consequences can range from a warning to losing access to The Blue Room permanently or even a ban if the violation is severe enough.

    7. Abuses of the Report Function Can Mean Loss of that Function.
    You have access to a function called the "Report" function, which allows you to notify an Admin or Moderator when another member has broken the rules. This access is a privilege. If you abuse the Report button, by using it to get petty revenge on another member or for any other reason, you may lose access to that function. Use the Report button only when you must, not for every little perceived slight that may not even be a rule violation.

    8. In General, Don't Be A Complete Asshole.
    At WordForge, we value free expression; more so than most other sites. However, the aim here is to have open debates, and fun. The aim is not to figure out a way to break the site or its community beyond repair. Free speech is part of a triad of what we value, and depends on its other two parts: including individual members, and overall community. If your use of free speech interferes with either of the other parts, there will be consequences, including but not limited to anything from warnings to temporary or even permanent bans. We trust our staff to make that call. If you feel that you do not know how to avoid being a complete asshole without a set of detailed instructions, this might not be the right site for you.

    These rules are subject to change at any time. A notice of rule change will be posted in the Help Desk should it be required.

    If you have any questions, please start a thread in the Help Desk.

    Updated 11 December 2016
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    A List of Moderators and Administrators

    (click on their names to contact them)

    (We own the board)

    @Dr. Krieg

    (We make things go)


    (We help the Moderators)


    (We can moderate every forum on the board)


    (We moderate specific fora)

    @Dan Leach
    The Green Room, The Help Desk

    The Shelter, The Help Desk
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    Here is a list of the most common questions members may ask, along with the answers to those questions. Consult this list before making a thread in the Help Desk, in order to reduce clutter. :)

    V.2019 Edition

    So you've joined, and you're interested in discussing that pineapple bacon quiche you made last night, but you don't know how to do things with all this newfangled jimminy jangedy zip zoppity boppity software. What do you do? You read these quick tips below to get you started.


    To post a new thread:
    Firstly, navigate to the category and forum of your choice (for example: Community > Blue Room).
    In the lower right hand corner of the forum, you will see a button that says "Post New Thread." Click that button.
    A page will pop up that has a space for your thread title. Create whatever title you wish.
    In the larger box below is where you put the content of your post. Type whatever you wish to type for the body of your post.
    If you are finished, click the "Create Thread" button. If you wish to preview the post first, click "Preview." You can edit the body or title at this point, if necessary.
    If you want to create a poll, instead of clicking the "Create Thread" button, scroll a little further down to where you see "Post a Poll."
    In the "Question" box, type in your poll question. In the boxes underneath, type in the response choices. If you need more than two options,
    simply press the "add additional response" button, and you will have another poll option. You can do this many times if necessary.
    Once that is complete, you can also choose to allow for multiple vote choices, and you can close the poll on a certain date, if you wish.
    When this is complete, click the "Create Thread" button.
    Congratulations! You've made your first thread!

    To post in an existing thread:
    Just like posting a new thread, adding a reply post in an already existing thread is simple, and just like the new thread instructions:
    Navigate to the thread where you wish to leave a reply.
    At this point, you have two options. You have a fast reply, and an advanced reply.
    A fast reply is where you see the text box at the bottom of the page, and you can simply type in your response, and press "Post Reply."
    If you wish to quote a specific post, simply click the "Reply" button in that post, and it will create the quoted post in the fast reply box at the bottom of the thread.
    If, however, you need more options, simply click the "More Options" button, which will take you to an advanced reply editing screen.
    When you have made the post you like, you can preview it by selecting the "Preview" button, or you can press "Reply to thread" to complete the post.


    In XenForo, private messages are called Conversations. To send one is simple. All you need to do is:
    Hover your mouse cursor over the word "Inbox" found in the upper right hand corner of the forum. A pop-up box will appear.
    In the pop-up box, you will see an option that says "Start a New Conversation." Clicking on this will take you to a new page.
    In the box labeled "Participants," type in the name of the member you wish to contact. If you have more than one, you can separate
    their names with a comma in between. For example: "John,Larry,Ancalagon" will send a message to those three members.
    Once you have your contacts chosen, underneath is a title bar. Type what you wish to call the letter.
    Beneath the title bar is the message box. Type your message here. If you have said what you wish, simply click "Start A Conversation,"
    and your message is off and away! If you wish to open the conversation to others, simply check the box "Allow anyone..." and you will be
    able to add more contacts as necessary.

    Keep in mind that you are allowed up to 5 contacts at a time, per message. So you can send it to 5 different people at once, but no more unless
    you create a new conversation.


    Under each quick profile (on the left hand side, where there is a picture, detail, and stats of each member when they post), is an option to use
    should a member post something that breaks the rules. This button is the "Report" button. When you click the button, you will see a pop-up
    box asking you to state the reason of your report. Fill it out, and then click "Report Post." At that point, it's in the hands of the Moderators. They may, or may not,
    follow up with you. Do not try to goad them into action. It is their responsibility, and they will take care of it. If you have questions, you can contact an
    Administrator, who can help you in that regard.


    BBCode is how you format posts to create a certain look or feel.

    If you want to change your text to bold, italics, underline, etc., you use BBCode.
    Here are some basic BBCode commands below.

    Remember, don't add the spaces used in the examples.

    [ b ]A bold statement[ /b ] = "A bold statement"
    [ i ] Italics [ /i ] = "Italics"
    [ u ] Underline [ /u ] = "Underline"
    [ s ] Strikethrough [ /s ] would be: "I want a [ s ]red[ /s ] blue one" = "I want a red blue one"
    [ url= http://www.wordforge.net ]Wordforge.net Link [ /url ] = Wordforge.net Link
    [ img ] Insert your image link here [ /img ]


    To multi-quote, all you have to do is click "Reply" on each of the posts by which you wish to respond. At the bottom of the thread will
    be all of your quoted posts in the fast reply box.


    First, you can simply click the video button in your fast reply box. It's the one next to the smiley face and the tiny image button. It looks like two film strip sections.
    When you click on it, a box will pop up asking you to paste (or type) the URL to your Youtube, Vimeo, Liveleak, Facebook, or Dailymotion video. Once you do this,
    simply click the "Embed" button, and your video code will appear in your post. It will become active when you "Post Reply."


    Easy! Just press the "Upload a File" button, and select your file! Maximum file size is 2 Mb, and must have one of the following extensions: zip, 7z, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, wav, mp3.


    In the upper right hand corner of the forum, you will see your user name. Hover your mouse cursor over your name, and a pop-up box will appear.
    Simply click "Avatar," and a box will appear. You can either upload an avatar (no larger than 50KB, or bigger than 200x200 pixels), or paste a URL to an
    off-site host (such as PhotoBucket or Imageshack).

    What if the image is too big?
    Easy! Simply go here: https://resizeimage.net
    Follow the directions. Remember, no larger than 200x200 pixels.


    In the upper right hand corner of the forum, you will see your user name. Hover your mouse cursor over your name, and a pop-up box will appear.
    Simply click "Signature," and a signature box will appear. Simply input the text you wish to have as your signature. You can use BBCode, and even have images,
    though your images, in the interest of keeping the board clutter free, shouldn't extend beyond the dimensions of 500x150 pixels (banner shaped), or exceed 300KB.


    Your user title is the string of text underneath your avatar and username. If you're new, it likely says something like "Fresh Meat" or "New Member." You can change this by, once again, going to the upper right corner of the forum where you can see your username, and hovering over it. When the pop-up box appears, select "Personal Details." When the page opens, you should see "Custom Title" about 3 rows down. Type whatever you like in the box, and then save your changes. That's all there is to it!


    To enable or disable alert messages, simply hover over your username in the top right hand corner of the board, and select "Alert Preferences."



    * If you want to quickly tag someone so they can respond to a specific post, simply add the @ symbol to the front of their username! For example, if you wanted me to answer a question for you, in your post all you would say would be something like "I wonder if @John could help me answer this question?" and I will receive a notification. This works for every user on the board. Just put the "@" symbol in front of their name, as you see in the example.

    * To change any other personal detail, simply hover your mouse cursor over your username in the top right hand corner. From there, you can change just about
    anything that needs changing!

    * If you're worried about losing the content of a post you're writing, you can save the draft! All you have to do is click the mini disk icon in your BBCode toolbar ([​IMG] ), and select "Save Draft." It will save your draft, and should you lose your page, or your browser crashes, when you come back, it will be there as if you had not left!



    This guide may be expanded as necessary. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM any Moderator or Administrator. They will be glad to assist you.

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